About Us

NEXREV Sales plan to offer businesses a complete sales platform to sell products at no cost to their business. We added a social organic advertising engine that will help businesses grow their brand using social media. Our digital advertising experts will get your business up and running quickly while advertising your business at the same time. These are the two major parts of our company that will make your business grow quickly. We could have put up a traditional page with pictures and short bios that tell you nothing about how our business can help you.

Our Vision

NEXREV Sale's vision is to be the leading provider of digital advertising solutions for any size of business, and to continually provide excellent results.

Our Mission

NEXREV Sale's top priority is to help all members grow their business, while we provide you quality services. Our services offer the best of the best services there at the lowest cost to help your business get off the ground.

Our Values

NEXREV Sales honors all of our promises and commitments with our members with integrity and professionalism. We value your satisfaction and that’s our team’s mission. NEXREV Sale strives to deliver excellent results in all services offered. Our desire for excellence pushes the NEXREV Team to reach our highest success possible, along with our valued members.

NEXREV Sales Is The Disrupter You Join And Can Profit Big!

NEXREV Sales helps your business get off the ground, and you can grow to any size with us. You can start selling your product for FREE in our marketplace, then for a very small fee upgrade your own online store that you can brand and own for years to come. We will always add and offer FREE upgrades to our system that you can use for FREE. This will be the company that disrupts the online advertising and product sales space. We even offer a complete shipping platform, so you can save huge money over the year with huge shipping discounts. We will have a fully featured application that you can access and use it for any purpose you need.

Advertising Is Not Fun, But It Is Necessary For Your Success.

If you enjoy designing your own ads, we have all the software you need to completely design and place all of your ads to build your social profile and business. Advertising still won’t be fun, but it will be as efficient as it can be with our patent-pending system. We were extremely blessed to be able to hire all of the most talented employees we have been able to find, the masses achieve real success. We offer the most complete set of tools that will surprise anyone that joins our team. It is free to join and take a look at the best system on the market.

Sales Platform

Need to sell products. We offer the best sales platform on the internet and sellers never pay any fees. We add a 10% fee to the retail price of the product to pay for the sales cost. You just want to sell a few products. Choose the NEXREV Marketplace and include your product with other products like it. Customers come to the marketplace and choose the category they like and may buy what sellers have to offer. If you grow your sales, you can then grow to add your own store. We have several options to build it yourself with our software, or get a custom design and an added advertising page to use social media. You will get a complete social media package with ads, banners, and much more to make your store stand out and sell like never before. This is the real deal for anyone who wants to make extra money selling products.